Nearly 500 Warringah residents and ratepayers gave up their Sunday on 23 May to attend Warringah Council’s Talk of the Town Community Summit.

The summit was an historic event to consider the future of housing in Warringah. The State Government has told Warringah to plan for more than 10,000 extra dwellings by 2031 and an additional 25,000 residents.

“The turn out was extraordinary. We are thrilled so many residents, from different areas, ages and backgrounds want to be involved in the future of housing in Warringah,” said Warringah Mayor Michael Regan.

“There was plenty of healthy debate between participants about where the extra dwellings should be built and what they should look like.

“The participants used innovative keypad technology to vote and receive instant feedback on the issues discussed. There was also a panel discussion and other activities to get participants involved in the process. “Warringah’s Housing Strategy will be critical to the future of this community for generations to come.

As such, residents and ratepayers must be involved in the process. “During the summit, I think many realised the enormity of the challenge and why we need their input. “I would like to thank everyone for coming along and for their invaluable contribution and comments. Staff and councillors will consider everyone’s input as we work towards a new draft housing strategy,” said Mayor Regan.

The consultation process will continue with workshops, stakeholder meetings and residents are still encouraged to go online to and post their comments about Warringah’s housing future.

At the end of the summit, participants were asked to provide feedback on the day. 95% voted that the day was excellent, very good or good and 93% said they would attend a similar event in future.

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Note from SHOROC: the findings of Warringah Council’s Talk of the Town Community Summit have been incorporated into the development of Shaping Our Future – directions for transport, health, housing and jobs for a vibrant sustainable SHOROC region.