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Every year a rainforest area larger than England is burned or cut down. Therefore the deforestation of the tropical rainforests is the single most important source of CO2 emissions in the world and about 20% of all global CO2 emissions are caused by rainforest deforestation. It is a major contributor to:

• Global warming
• Global climate change
• Carbon stores in soil
• Reduced net oxygen levels
• Biosphere instability

For this reason Christian Kroll, founder of the Berlin-based firm Ecosia, is dedicated to work towards saving the Brazilian rainforest, consequently a positive contributor in the fight for climate change.

Ecosia is an eco-friendly Internet search engine backed by Yahoo, Bing and the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF). It basically works like any other search engine but, unlike others, Ecosia gives at least 80% of its advertising revenue to a rainforest protection program run by the WWF. Because of this, Ecosia users can save about two square metres of rainforest with every search they do – without paying anything. Furthermore, all Ecosia servers run on green electricity, so they do not cause any CO2 emissions.

A spokesman for WWF said the green search model had the potential to become a major source of funding for environmental projects. “Each search with Ecosia will protect a piece of rainforest, so by making Ecosia your search engine you can actually help the environment one search at a time,” he said. “An average Internet user can protect about 2,000 square metres of rainforest every year by using Ecosia – this is about the size of an ice hockey field. If only one per cent of global Internet users accessed Ecosia for their web searches, we could save a rainforest area as big as Switzerland each year.”

Ecosia is banking on the same online advertising tactics that have pumped a fortune into the coffers of Internet search king Google.

“Thanks to sponsored links, search engines earn billions every year,” said Christian Kroll. “Ecosia believes that there is a more eco-friendly way of using these huge profits and that the money would be better used to fight global warming.”

By making Ecosia your default search engine, you can turn your web searches green, reduce your carbon footprint and make a real difference to the planet.

Ecosia is also the best choice if you are concerned about privacy. Some search engine companies store your web searches for several months and even analyse them to create a profile of you. They sometimes even sell this information to other companies. Ecosia, in contrast, deletes all user-related data within a maximum of 48 hours.

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Article By Mel Mueller (Trends Analyst) for uncluttered white spaces