Two major initiatives are in the planning to maximise resource recovery and minimise waste going to landfill:

Sustainable infrastructure solutions

The councils formed Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd (KEE) in 2009 to operate the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre in Terrey Hills. KEE is working to maximise the recovery of resources from the region’s waste through:

  • A landfill resource recovery facility to sort and recover resources from commercial and household waste received at the Kimbriki site for landfilling.
  • An enclosed materials recovery facility to sort mixed recyclable materials collected from households for processing offsite and resale.
  • An enclosed resource recovery facility to process food and garden waste collected from households into high grade compost for sale, as well as process household garbage to recover any further resources.

New regional household waste service

The other key component of the regional waste solution is a regional household waste collection service that is being planned to commence once the resource recovery infrastructure is operational at Kimbriki anticipated in 2017.

The new service will include three bin types for residents: a recycling bin, a food and garden waste bin and a garbage bin. The service is yet to be designed but will include flexibility to cater for different household needs.

A sustainable waste and resource recovery solution for the region planned for 2017

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