Even though it is the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is big on recyclables and the SHOROC partner councils are asking residents to recycle their empty bathroom containers with a new campaign ‘You can recycle more than you think’ as part of National Recycling Week 9-15 November.

SHOROC President and Mayor of Mosman, Cr Peter Abelson said the Northern Beaches and Mosman residents are some of the best recyclers in the state but we could do more.

“People do a great job recycling in their kitchen. But I must admit that I didn’t realise the amount of recyclable materials there are in the bathroom or other rooms, such as the laundry, lounge room or home office. About 20% of household garbage buried in landfill is valuable plastics, aluminium, steel and paper.

“There recyclables in a bathroom include toilet rolls, toothpaste boxes, vitamin and medicine jars, aerosol cans, roll-on deodorant as well as plastic shampoo, liquid soap and bathroom cleaner bottles.

“We all need to recycle more, throw away less and help the planet. These recyclables can take on a new life as a bike, jumper, jumbo jet, hairbrush or a picnic table.

“The experts estimate that the SHOROC area could reduce 304,000 wheelie bins of recycling being buried in landfill each year. This would remove 6,700 tonnes of greenhouse gases, save 74 Olympic swimming pools in water and save enough electricity to run 5,300 houses for a year,” Councillor Abelson said.

National Recycling Week takes place from 9-15 November and councils are running a series of events across the region including clothing swaps, recycling competitions and workshops. Contact your council for more information.