Regional Sustainability Strategy – Background and Development

SHOROC is a unique and beautiful region and our residents and councils place a high value on the natural environment and acting sustainably in the way we live.

The SHOROC partner councils identified a great opportunity to build on the work individual councils are already doing towards sustainability by developing a collaborative sustainablility strategy for the region as the next phase of the regional strategy Shaping Our Future. In 2010 SHOROC was provided grant funding from the NSW Government’s Environment Trust to do just that.

The four councils have since been working on the strategy which is to be focussed on improving the sustainability of the region of the Northern Beaches, from Bradleys Head to Barrenjoey, in the coming years.

It’s about Mosman, Manly, Warringah and Pittwater councils working together to build on the huge range of work already in progress and looking for regional opportunities to take collaborative action to maintain and enhance our region’s natural environment and the community’s way of life.

Development of the strategy has been managed through an inter-council working group and has involved significant collaborative analysis by members of the working group in consultation with council staff, Councillors and the community (read the suggestions from community members).

Once finalised, it is envisaged the strategy will focus on areas such as energy, climate change, transport, waste, water, biodiversity and skills and capacity building, with projects identifying areas where the councils can work together more effectively or efficiently on a regional basis to improve the sustainability of our region.

It’s the Next Phase of Shaping Our Future

The sustainability work will form the next part of the Shaping Our Future strategy with a specific focus on how we can enhance sustainabilty as the region grows.

Building on the clear directions set out in Shaping Our Future such as improving transport, health and job opportunties in our region, the sustainability strategy will compliment the overarching strategy by identifying what is needed regionally in the way of sustainabiltiy programs and infrastructure to support the wider plans.

The sustainabilty strategy is on-track to be released in late 2011 / early 2012.

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