SHOROC together with our four partner councils have initiated a new efficiency and cost saving program to help make our councils, and in turn our region, even stronger into the future.

We developed the program because many councils across Australia are under increasing financial pressure. Increasing capital, operational and maintenance costs are outweighing revenue, meaning councils must begin to seek better, smarter ways to run their operations. The pressure on long term financial viability means there is a need for some degree of change to ensure that councils can continue to provide quality services to residents and ratepayers.

The SHOROC efficiency and cost saving program is aimed at strengthening and improving council business operations, adapting how resources are used and shared throughout the region and delivering real cost savings.

All SHOROC partner councils are already operating very efficiently but even the best businesses constantly look for ways to improve the way they do things.  Our program is about working together at a regional level. It is about looking at where and how additional efficiency or cost savings can be achieved without impacting on council independence and the services being provided within our local communities.

We have been working with the management teams of our partner councils and are developing a number of projects under the efficiency and cost saving program.

A potentially significant opportunity is through improved procurement processes and joint tendering.  This could include areas such as waste services, fleet management and capital works for example.

An innovation program will also be launched to capture ideas and creative thoughts from council staff on how they believe their councils can work smarter, more collaboratively and on ways to ultimately cut costs and save money. Sign up to receive our email updates direct to your inbox of follow us on twitter if you’d like an update when this program is launched.

SHOROC together with the four councils will continue to work together as a partnership to help deliver the proposed cost savings strategies which have the potential to save councils’ hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.