The SHOROC partnership of local councils is planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and travel in motor vehicles by piloting a new environmental education program to encourage changed behaviours and use of alternative sustainable transport.

“ ‘SmartTravel’ will aim to help our region reduce our climate change impacts, improve air quality and reduce congestion on our roads by increasing the use of public transport and alternative transport such as car pooling, car sharing, community and small commercial bus services, cycling and walking” said SHOROC President and Mosman Mayor Anne Connon.

“Our region suffers from choked roads because we have poor public transport and rely so heavily on single occupant car usage – resulting in significant greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change” said Mayor Connon.

“SHOROC is seeking to secure investment in public transport for our region and we are also keen to implement innovative approaches to more sustainable transport choices on the Northern Beaches from Barrenjoey to Bradleys Head.” said Mayor Connon.

SHOROC is currently seeking partners and are keen to speak with individuals or businesses who would be interested in a partnership to help get this initiative off the ground. Funding of $95,000 is required for a pilot to be run with hundreds of households across the region.

“By working together we consider that we can deliver an innovative new program that would be a win for drivers, a win for the community, and a win for our planet –  all we need is the funding to roll it out” said Mayor Connon.

“We need to further our commitment to reducing greenhouse gases and continue the progress being made to create a cleaner environment and healthier communities” said SHOROC President and Mosman Mayor Anne Connon“ We are strongly committed to maintaining and enhancing our way of life and natural environment as well as playing our part in reducing global climate change”

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