On 23 April 2010 SHOROC provided its submission to the NSW Government regarding the review of the NSW Government’s Metropolitan Strategy and  Metropolitan Transport Plan.

The submission can be downloaded from the publications section of this website.

Based on a thorough review by the SHOROC councils of the Metropolitan Strategy Review-Sydney Towards 2036 discussion paper and the discussion questions raised, the draft Metropolitan Transport Plan, the existing Metropolitan Strategy and draft sub-regional strategies and the submission focuses on the following key areas:

  • Background on the SHOROC region now and challenges ahead
  • 6 key issues that need to be addressed to enable our region to meet our current challenges, enable this growth in population to occur and adapt to the impacts of climate change.
  • Areas of the Metropolitan Strategy and its approach supported by SHOROC
  • Areas for improvement of the Metropolitan Strategy and its approach
  • Specific comments regarding the questions raised in the discussion paper
  • Specific comments regarding the Department of Planning’s investigation of Frenchs Forest as a Major Centre.

Download the submission here.