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Cr Kylie Ferguson Deputy Mayor Pittwater, Cr Michael Regan Mayor Warringah, The Hon Rob Stokes MP Environment Minister and Member for Pittwater, Cr Tom Sherlock Mosman and Paul Perkins Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Chairman with Year 4 students from Curl Curl North Public School

Too Good To Waste strategy released

A new strategy with plans to significantly increase household recycling across the northern beaches and Mosman will be released as part of National Recycling Week with some of today’s leading recyclers from Curl Curl North Public School.

Too Good to Waste, the regional waste strategy for Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah, has a target of increasing the household recycling rate to 70% by 2021. A focus on waste being a resource, not a burden, will see new infrastructure planned at Kimbriki to maximise resource recovery from household waste.

Cr Jacqueline Townsend SHOROC President said councils continually face the challenge of managing waste in a sustainable way. With a forecast of a 24% increase in the amount of household waste needing to be collected, recycled or disposed by 2021, this challenge will continue.

“Reuse and recycling are the easiest sustainable actions we can take and it’s great to see kids leading the way as recycling heroes.

“The good news is residents recycle just over half their household waste and more often than not, it is the kids who are the real recycling heroes rallying the family to recycle better so less rubbish goes to landfill. As a result these recyclables are given a new life as plastic bottles, steel cans, and even polyester carpet and clothing saving raw materials, water, energy and greenhouse gases.

“Our four councils and Kimbriki have big plans to take our recycling efforts to the next level”.

“The Too Good to Waste strategy has two key planks – the first is to provide sustainable infrastructure solutions to maximise resource recovery from the waste we create and minimise what goes to landfill. The second plank is to help our community to do their part to produce less waste, increase recycling, deal with problem wastes and reduce littering and illegal dumping.

“It’s our future and it’s simply too good to waste,” Mayor Townsend said.

Read the Too Good To Waste strategy here. 

$1.2 million EPA grant for a new recycling facility at Kimbriki

In addition to releasing the strategy, the councils welcomed the announcement by Environment Minister Rob Stokes of $1.2 million for a new recycling facility at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre which will divert 14,000 tonnes of waste from landfill each year.

Mr Stokes said the NSW Government grant would help member councils to improve sustainability in their waste management.

“This grant will help to develop new resource recovery infrastructure for household and business waste at Kimbriki that will build on the terrific sustainability work already undertaken at the site,” Mr Stokes said.

“Once operational in 2017, this new facility is expected to divert and recycle 14,000 tonnes of recoverable material from landfill a year and generate up to 16 full time jobs.

“That is a great outcome for the environment and a significant contribution to our state recycling targets of 75 per cent by 2021.

SHOROC President and Pittwater Mayor Cr Jacqueline Townsend welcomed the grant.

“Our goal as a region is to increase recycling from households to 70 per cent through SHOROC’s regional strategy Too Good To Waste and I am very pleased to welcome this grant for Kimbriki on behalf of SHOROC member councils,” she said.

The new landfill resource recovery facility will include:

  • A small vehicle drop-off centre to unload sorted recyclables, including goods that can be resold at the Buy Back Centre; and to unload small loads of mixed waste for further sorting; and
  • A large vehicle drop-off and mechanised waste sorting facility for mixed waste.

This resource recovery infrastructure upgrade is just one of the many initiatives in the SHOROC regional waste strategy that sets the overarching waste vision for its four member councils of Manly, Warringah, Pittwater and Mosman.

Strategy development has been supported by the NSW Environment Protection Authority with funding from the waste levy.