SHOROC has released its Operational Plan for 2015/16, outlining major infrastructure and service priorities for the region and key initiatives to be delivered for the councils and communities of north east Sydney.

SHOROC is a partnership of Manly, Mosman, Pittwater & Warringah Councils led by a Board of the council Mayors and General Managers. We advocate for our region, coordinate regional planning, and build partnerships to improve the strategic capacity of our member councils.

Cr Peter Abelson SHOROC President and Mayor of Mosman says that the SHOROC 2015-16 Operational Plan includes projects that will build on the results in recent years for the region and councils.

SHOROC is focussed on providing value and getting results and major priorities are to:

  • Improve transport, health, community and education services
  • Grow local employment and containment
  • Facilitate appropriate housing growth and choice, deliver waste infrastructure, and improve regional asset planning
  • Reduce waste to landfill and improve regional environment and sustainability
  • Continue to build our regional capacity to partner with other levels of government


“SHOROC’s joint advocacy and partnership with the NSW Government has led to the government delivering outstanding results for the region, including $644 million for a Bus Rapid Transit system and major road upgrades, as well as the new Northern Beaches Hospital.

“This plan adds a range of projects focussed on regional employment and economic development, while continuing the key focus on transport, health and environmental sustainability.

“Central to success in the coming year is the strong partnerships built with government agencies to work together for improved transport, health, planning, waste and community services.

“We’ve had considerable success in advocating for infrastructure and I would like to extend this to regional collaboration for community and social services in the years ahead.”

“Planning for the future is a central theme. This plan sees SHOROC working with NSROC to coordinate and support councils across northern Sydney in subregional land use and infrastructure planning under the NSW Government’s A Plan for Growing Sydney.

“In addition, we’re now providing a joint procurement service in collaboration with NSROC for councils of northern Sydney,” Cr Abelson said.

“SHOROC also continually seeks to improve its operations and council strategic capacity. We will be aiming to improve the way we operate to foster effective regional collaboration of councils across our region and also more broadly with NSROC and its member councils across northern Sydney.”

Read the SHOROC 2015-16 Operational Plan.