The SHOROC region in Sydney’s north east is second to none. Incorporating Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah councils, it is a unique area with a vibrant community that values our natural environment and lifestyle and contributes strongly to the economy of global Sydney.

However, we’re already facing many challenges including our poor public transport, road infrastructure and health services. Bigger challenges are ahead including population growth and climate change.

Shaping Our Future

Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah councils have developed the Shaping Our Future strategy to address our region’s need for better public transport, roads and health services now and for the future, seeking to strategically shape the way our region will look, feel and grow over the next twenty years.

Read a short summary of the priorities in the Shaping Our Future strategy here.

Shaping Our Future – directions for transport, health, housing and jobs for a vibrant sustainable SHOROC region is an integrated whole-of-region strategy setting out the major directions and investment priorities for the SHOROC region, covering Sydney’s Northern Beaches from Bradleys Head to Barrenjoey.

Its objectives are to address the critical issues for the region now and the challenges ahead while maintaining and enhancing our way of life, our outstanding natural environment and significant contribution to Sydney as a global city.

Councils will continue to determine specific localities and densities for any growth in conjunction with the community and guided by Shaping Our Future. The findings of Warringah Council’s Talk of the Town Community Summit have been incorporated into the development of Shaping Our Future.

Why we need it

Critical issues for the region which need to be addressed now to maintain its liveability and sustainability include the significant road congestion, limited and inefficient public transport as well as the lack of access to an appropriate and accessible high quality health service.

The next decades see significant challenges including:

  • An expected population increase of around 30,000 to around 300,000 by 2031, along with the need for additional dwelling and employment capacity as detailed in the NSW Government’s Metropolitan Strategy:
    • an additional 22,800 dwellings (including potentially up to 4,900 in Ingleside), taking the total to around 130,000
    • an additional capacity for 20,800 jobs, taking the total to over 120,000.
  • Climate change and its predicted impacts on sea levels, coastal erosion and weather patterns and resultant displacement of housing and other coastal and low lying land and impacts on bushland.

More information

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