For National Recycling Week Mayor of Mosman, Cr Abelson, Mayor of Warringah, Cr Regan and Mayor of Pittwater, Cr Townsend took the time to share some of their recycling tips. Read and listen below to find out more…

Cr Jacqueline Townsend, Mayor Pittwater

Cr Michael Regan, Mayor Warringah

Cr Peter Abelson, Mayor Mosman

What iMayor Mosman Peter Abelson smls your top tip for recycling?
Try to buy items made from recycled material or that can be recycled again after use. This will help reduce the amount going into landfill.

What’s the most common recycling mistake you see?
People often put items in the wrong bin. Not separating recyclable items can add to garbage disposal costs for businesses, so there are advantages for recycling at work as well as at home.

What is the most common item in your recycling bin?
Paper packaging and cartons are the most common things in my recycling bin. By squashing boxes and containers more can be fitted in, resulting in less litter from overflowing bins.

What will you be doing this year to lower waste or increase recycling?
Small changes make a big impact so, like many local residents, I will be aiming to reduce the amount of waste generated in my household. Householders in Mosman and surrounding local government areas already generate less than their counterparts with 19 kg of waste a week, compared to the Sydney metropolitan average of 21 kg.

What is your most creative recycling tip?
Considering recycling when shopping as well as when disposing of goods means both ends of the recycling loop are covered.