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Why can’t I put plastic bags into my recycling bin?
There’s no ability to check what’s inside so contents are taken as contaminated. They can also cause sorting equipment to break down.

What can I do with my plastic bags?
Plastic bags and other ‘squishable’ plastics that can be scrunched easily into a ball can be dropped off for recycling at some supermarkets where it will be repurposed into outdoor furniture, signage and decking.

Should I clean my bottles and containers before I put them into my recycling bin?
Rinsing food and drink containers is not necessary, however please ensure all food scraps and other contents are removed. It you don’t like a smelly bin you can choose to use the left over water from washing up to rinse out your containers

Can lids be recycled?
Yes. Both metal and plastic lids from plastic/glass bottles and jars can be recycled, though it’s best to remove them first. Or where possible, return lids to containers after use. When lids are separated from the container the lids end up going to landfill as they are too small to be detected during the sorting process. It doesn’t matter if the lid is made from a different product to the base it will all be taken care of at the next stage of sorting.

Should I refer to recycling symbols on plastic?
The number in the triangle identifies the type of plastic a container is made from. Numbers 1-7 are recycled at various recycling centres so the symbol can be a useful guide to identify what can be recycled. But generally all hard plastics can be recycled, regardless of whether they have a recycling symbol.

Why can’t I put ceramics, ovenware, hardened glass and Pyrex into my recycling bin and what can I do with them?
These items are made from glass or materials with a different melting point to glass bottles and jars. If included in the smelting process, they make weak points in the new glass containers that are produced. So please put these into your garbage bin.

Why can’t I put batteries into my recycling bin and what can I do with them?
Batteries contain dangerous chemicals which could be released during the sorting process. Some councils have battery recycling facilities, contact your local council.

Why can’t I put nappies in the recycling bin?
Nappies including disposable and biodegradable nappies need to go in the garbage bin as they are not recyclable, regardless of whether they have a recycling triangle on the box.


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