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Top tips to make recycling easier and to ensure your recycling does not end up in landfill

  1. Make space in your kitchen for a recycling bin; there are some great bins available that have compartments for different recyclable items.
  2. Scrape out the food scraps and other contents from containers.
  3. Don’t forget to recycle items like shampoo bottles and deodorant aerosol cans from your bathroom. These are often overlooked.
  4. Use a tub or basket to transport your recyclables to the bin instead of plastic bags – recyclables in a plastic bag will not be recycled.
  5. Don’t overfill your bins – rather squash your boxes and containers so more fits. Overflowing bins result in littering.
  6. Recycle in the garden by composting your food scraps, leaves and garden trimmings. Visit kimbriki.com.au to attend a workshop and get you started.
  7. At work, separate items for recycling – this can save your business money in disposal costs.
  8. When you go shopping, see what an item is made from and packaged in. Try to buy items that have recycled content or that can be recycled. Go for those that can be recycled again and those that use recycled packaging. Each person throws away around 200kg of packaging each year.
  9. Plastic bags, cling film and plastic wrap can not be recycled in your home recycling bin – but you can take them back to your supermarket for recycling.
  10. Look at ways to reduce your food waste: plan meals, write a shopping list, check use by dates, use leftovers and store food correctly are just a few.

Get the facts on recycling


* Recycling excuses bottle courtesy Abby Legge

Some SHOROC waste fast facts:

  • Every year the SHOROC partner councils collect 117,000 tonnes of waste from 109,00 households
  • 59,000 tonnes ends up in landfill
  • 23,000 tonnes of garden waste becomes garden products
  • 19,000 tonnes of paper is recycled saving 250,000 trees
  • 16,000 tonnes of plastic glass and metal is recycled into new products
  • Our garbage bins contain about 20% recyclables that could be recycled if they were put in the right bin
  • Our household waste is forecast to increase by 24% by 2021
  • Currently we recycle 54% of our waste – the target is 70% by 2021
  • If we could stop 50,000 tonnes going to landfill each year we could eliminate greenhouse gases by 60,000 tonnes – the equivalent to taking 15,500 cars off the road

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