And they said rubbish couldn’t dream.

This article was originally posted on the digital magazine, White Spaces.

Keep America Beautiful together with Ad Council have launched the recycling campaign, ‘I Want to be Recycled.’ Developed by creative agency Pereira & O’Dell, the campaign will include public service announcements for radio, television, outdoor and digital media and ultimately has given garbage a voice of its own.

Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s leading non-profit that unites people within communities to build and sustain their local area, have found that on average, an American produces 4.4 pounds (2 kgs) of waste daily. The reason why many people do not recycle is because;

‘it is hard to visualise and understand how recycling an item will allow it to come back into the system.’

In a statement released by Keep America Beautiful, senior vice president of recycling Brenda Pulley said;

“This campaign is the emotional push needed to raise awareness and positively change people’s behaviour to recycle more. Our intent is to increase recycling rates, which translates into measurable benefits including waste reduction, energy savings, natural resource conservation and job creation.”

“Based on survey feedback, we know people want to recycle. This campaign is designed to tap into that desire as well as provide helpful tools to make recycling easier.”