Aaron Hudson, CEO of Kimbriki

The common waste collection system to be phased in across the Northern Beaches and Mosman from 2014 will keep the cost of the domestic waste charge (rates) to a minimum across the region.

“Landfill space is becoming increasingly rare and costly, and our resident population continues to grow”, said SHOROC Executive Director Ben Taylor. “Without the state-of-the-art facilities being built at Kimbriki and this new collection system, residents would be up for much higher increases in the domestic waste charge.”

“Over the last twenty years and especially the last five, state regulatory changes will direct councils towards providing sustainable outcomes for waste for their communities. SHOROC is already way ahead in planning these necessary structural changes that will prove very cost effective for the community going into the future. This sort of responsibility and available technology was not around twenty years ago – SHOROC is preparing a sound environmental and economic outcome for its community” Said Aaron Hudson, CEO of Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises.”

The new system which is planned to be introduced across Manly, Mosman Pittwater and Warringah councils will mean landfill costs, state government levies and the cost of carbon emissions generated by transporting waste large distances are avoided.

In addition, greater savings for residents will be gained through joint tendering, and business models for the efficient and cost effective delivery of quality waste services.

“We need to change the way we recycle so it is sustainable well into the future and keep costs to the community as low as possible. This plan would deliver the best social, environmental and economic outcomes for the community” said Mr Taylor.

The system planned to be introduced from 2014 includes:

  • A food and garden organics bin collected WEEKLY and converted into compost, with a small kitchen bench top tidy bins and cornstarch liner bags supplied and delivered to all households for food collection.
  • A combined recyclables bin, including glass, plastics and paper, collected FORTNIGHTLY (weekly for units)
  • A general waste bin for left-over waste collected FORTNIGHTLY (weekly for units).

Food waste will continue to be collected weekly across the region, so the notion that it will create additional smells and odours is completely untrue.

We are currently exploring options for the treatment of nappy and sanitation collection. It may be as simple as collecting the general waste bin more frequently for those residents who demonstrate a need for more regular services. “We are very aware of the need to avoid undue embarrassment and of maintaining the highest standards of health and service for the community” said Mr Taylor.

A comprehensive community engagement and information process will be rolled out nearer to the start date to start preparing households and residents for the changes. The community will be fully engaged throughout the process about the new waste collection system.

It is planned the common collection system would be established from around 2014 and its introduction will mean waste rates are kept to a minimum and environmental and economic outcomes for the community will be boosted.

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    Comment on the Manly Daily site in regard to this issue today:

    Jenny Dowell writes: “We’ve had the same 3 bin system in Lismore for about 5 years- it works
    really well. We’ve reduced the amount of waste going to landfill and
    have low contamination rates. The green waste bin accepts all kitchen
    scraps including meet- people can use newspaper or free ‘biobags’ to
    wrap food. With landfill State costs currently at $33 per tonne and
    rising to $88, it’s financially responsible to reduce materials going
    into the ground too.”