Planning for our future is a key role of SHOROC.  

Shaping Our Future is the overarching integrated strategy for the SHOROC region – encompassing Manly, Mosman, Warringah and Pittwater councils.

It has been developed by the four SHOROC councils to take the lead on the future of our region – an area of natural beauty where liveability and sustainability are highly valued by residents and visitors alike.

Shaping Our Future outlines the infrastructure and policy priorities so that councils can lobby with a united voice for investment, as well as bringing together projects that are more effectively or efficiently delivered in partnership by the councils.

It responds to the NSW State Plan and Metropolitan Plan and outlines how the SHOROC councils will work together with other levels of government, business and the community to address critical challenges for the region, now and into the future.

The SHOROC region of Sydney’s Northern Beaches – from Bradleys Head to Barrenjoey – needs better public transport, roads and health services now and for the future.

Adopted in September 2010, the Shaping Our Future “major Infrastructure” strategy has been developed by Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah councils to address this need.

The strategy identifies the priorities are rapid buses, road upgrades and a new Hospital for the Northern Beaches region. It calls for investment from the state and commonwealth government now to fix our transport and health systems and enable our councils to ensure growth is sustainable in our region.

The key priorities are:

  • Immediate construction of the level 5 Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest while maintaining and upgrading Mona Vale Hospital in a long term complementary role.
  • Constructing a Bus Rapid Transit system for fast reliable public transport from Mona Vale to the city and from Dee Why to Chatswood.
  • Road upgrades for Warringah Road particularly the intersections with Wakehurst Parkway and Forest Way, for Mona Vale Road and for the Wakehurst Parkway.

Committments made from the NSW Government for this funding plus more detail can be found at:

For more:

Download (PDF, 2.35MB)

Our framework for regional planning and action

To enable more strategic integrated planning and action, five ‘domains’ have been agreed as the overarching priorities for the region under the SHOROC partnership.

These ‘domains’ are the drivers for Shaping Our Future and are also what the councils are seeking to influence by working together:

  • Health and wellbeing: A connected community living safely with healthy lifestyles and equitable access to high quality health, community and recreational facilities and services.
  • Natural environment:  A diverse, beautiful natural environment of bush, waterways, beaches and parks which enables healthy ecosystems, biodiversity and enjoyment and protection by our community.
  • Built environment: Housing, infrastructure and services that provide for vibrant sustainable and connected communities; a balance between our way of life and sustainably managing our natural resources and environment.
  • Jobs and economic development: Strong, diverse business and industry that provides a range of jobs close to home.
  • Leadership: Effective local leadership with community participation in, and access to decision-making.

The diagram below shows how these five domains are the drivers for the three elements of the regional Shaping Our Future strategy.

A set of regional indicators, or KPIs, has been developed to set priorities and track progress.

'Domains' for Shaping Our Future

Shaping Our Sustainable Future An action plan for creating a more sustainable SHOROC region together brings together for the first time a range of projects that will be delivered collectively by the SHOROC councils over the next four years to create a more sustainable region.

This document forms part two of the Shaping Our Future strategy. It is an action plan outlining the key areas the councils will work on together to improve our region’s sustainability, building on the already significant range of council projects already being delivered or in planning.

The action plan includes projects focussing on integrated transport, renewable energy, climate change, ecologically sustainable development, waste avoidance and re-use, water use, enhancing biodiversity and living and working more sustainably.

For more:

  • Read and/or download Shaping Our Sustainable Future below.
  • Find out more on the background and development process.
  • Do your bit. Start by calculating your Ecological Footprint.

Download (PDF, 5.96MB)

Setting priorities and tracking progressSHOROC State of the Region Report

Indicators or KPIs are a vital element of any planning process, particularly for priority setting, to enable regular reporting, and for benchmarking, monitoring and review of local and regional issues.

A set of ‘Health of the Region’ indicators has been agreed for use by the councils and SHOROC that brings together key indicators on each of the overarching domains for the region. The data set is sourced from a mix of council data and freely available data sets and comprises 32 core indicators across the five ‘domains’:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Natural environment
  • Built environment
  • Jobs and economic development
  • Leadership

This integrated suite of indicators is used to develop bi-annual ‘Health of the Region’ reports every two years to align with the mid-term of council and the end of the elected term of office.

The indicators and reports are available at SHOROC/ourregion.