Public Transport & Roads

How we are advocating for priority infrastructure upgrades for the region

It is widely acknowledged transport is the biggest issue across the SHOROC region.

Numerous studies have shown we have some of the slowest major roads in Sydney if not Australia.

Traffic congestion, lack of efficient public transport and heavy reliance on cars is a huge problem.

With little to no major government funding in decades, our ageing transport infrastructure is beyond its limits and congestion is only set to worsen with population growth to increase by 11% over the next 20 years.

Our campaign for better public transport and roads

So the SHOROC councils decided to take the lead.

To develop a plan and deliver a Mayor-led campaign for better public transport and roads as part of the Shaping Our Future strategy.

The campaign called on the NSW and Commonwealth governments to invest in:

  • Public transport: Construction of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) public transport system from Mona Vale to the CBD and from Dee Why to Chatswood.
  • Targeted road upgrades:  for Warringah Road, the Wakehurst Parkway, Mona Vale Road and construction of the Northern Beaches Link.


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Shaping Our Future – the agreed priorities for the SHOROC region

As part of the Shaping Our Future strategy, the four councils formally agreed the major transport priorities for the SHOROC region in September 2010.

The agreed integrated package of priority transport improvements for the short-term and the medium-to-long-term for the SHOROC region is as follows

Short-term (0-5 years) package of measures
  • Detailed regional transport planning in partnership with the councils to maximise the efficiency of the network and seek to manage demand and promote alternative transport.
  • A fast Bus Rapid Transit system on the north-south corridor from Mona Vale to the CBD, via a median bus lane using tidal flow arrangements in peak hour.
  • Fast public transport links from Dee Why to Chatswood, with an initial focus on the provision of frequent and direct express bus services and bus priority measures.
  • Grade separation at the intersections of Warringah Road with Wakehurst Parkway and Forest Way and upgrades to Wakehurst Parkway to provide flood-free access, critical to the construction of the Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest.
  • Mona Vale Road upgrade to a divided dual-lane carriageway for its full length through to Mona Vale to improve safety and efficiency, and enable Warriewood/Ingleside growth.
  • Construction of targeted park & rides to maximise patronage of public transport.
Medium-long term (5-20 years) package of measures
  • Upgrading of the public transport links from Dee Why to Chatswood from Express Buses to a segregated BRT and potentially light rail or other greater capacity transport in future years.
  • The proposed Northern Beaches Link, from the Gore Hill Freeway to the Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation via a tunnel under Mosman and a new bridge over the Spit, combined with the BRT from the Northern Beaches to the CBD, potentially fast-tracked with private sector involvement.
  • A new underground Neutral Bay interchange for the Spit/Military Road BRT route.

More detail on the SHOROC transport priorities and submissions:


Map of major transport and health strategic directions in Shaping Our Future


SHOROC and our partner councils are working closely with the NSW and Commonwealth governments to bring about the transport improvements this region needs.

There is significant progress and the Minister for Transport has just released the $633 million Northern Beaches Transport Action Plan including plans for faster and more reliable public transport with the Bus Rapid Transit system, major road upgrades and planning for the tunnel.

This plan includes all of SHOROC’s major priorities. An update on each project is below:

  • Warringah Road and Wakehurst Parkway upgrades
    • Roads and Maritime NSW (RMS) has commenced detailed planning for major road and intersection upgrades surrounding the planned hospital site in Frenchs Forest, in line with SHOROC’s proposal, and for Wakehurst Parkway to provide flood-free hospital access. Read more about the planning here.
    • The 2014-15 NSW Budget includes $400 million for for construction of the agreed upgrades including major underpasses removing the choke points with the Wakehurst Parkway and Forest Way.


  • Bus Rapid Transit public transport system


  • Northern Beaches Link/tunnel under Mosman

    • $5 million has been allocated to conduct a feasibility study and commence the planning for a major tunnel linking the Northern Beaches with the Warringah Freeway. More.


  •  Mona Vale Road dual-lane carriageway
    • The RMS is currently working on widening a 3.3km section of Mona Vale Road from McCarrs Creek Road, Terrey Hills to Powder Works Road, Ingleside. Find out more here.
    • The 2014-15 NSW Budget includes an additional $6 million to continue planning for the widening of this stretch of Mona Vale Road, and to commence planning for the proposed upgrade of Mona Vale Road between Mona Vale and Ingleside.