SHOROC holds biannual Leaders Forums of NSW MPs and Mayors from the Northern Beaches and Mosman, and annual Leaders Forums with the Prime Minister and Speaker of the House, to work together to fix major priorities for the region.

Below is an update from the most recent Leaders Forum with NSW MPs…

27 July 2015

Pushing ahead with fixing the roads and public transport of the northern beaches and north shore, planning for the future of northern Sydney, creating more local jobs and local government reform were the key points discussed at the SHOROC Leaders’ Forum of NSW Members of Parliament and Mayors.

The Hon Brad Hazzard MP, Minister for Family and Community Services and Social Housing, The Hon Rob Stokes MP, Minister for Planning, and Mr Jonathan O’Dea MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Major Events and Tourism, met with the SHOROC Board of Mayors and General Managers from Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah councils.

“Strengthening the partnership between state and local government at the highest levels and delivering results for our region were the overarching themes of this Forum,” said SHOROC President and Mosman Mayor Cr Peter Abelson.

“These biannual meetings really help us work together on a whole of government approach to improve our public transport, roads, hospitals and plans for the future.”

This SHOROC partnership with the local NSW MPs has led to record NSW Government transport and health funding for the region.

“The significant progress on our hospitals and implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit system, public transport improvements for Warringah Road, and the road upgrades around the new Northern Beaches Hospital were key points of discussion,” said Mayor Abelson.

Regional planning and how the planned Greater Sydney Commission might work with the 11 councils to better plan for the northern Sydney region was also an important topic of discussion as well as tourism and economic development to attract business investment to provide more local jobs and improve job containment.

“We have put in place a stronger framework for state and local government to partner in the development of the future plan for housing, employment and infrastructure of northern Sydney.”

“I thank our local MPs for their commitment to our region and willingness to work with local government. These forums are invaluable for us as a region and together we can make this fantastic area even stronger for the future,” said Mayor Abelson.


SHOROC Mayors and MPs 2
L-R: The Hon. Rob Stokes MP, Cr Michael Regan, Jonathan O’Dea MP, Cr Jacqueline Townsend, The Hon. Mike Baird MP, Cr Peter Abelson, Cr Jean Hay, The Hon. Brad Hazzard MP