SHOROC is a partnership of Manly, Mosman, Pittwater & Warringah and collectively represents a population of over 290,000 residents who contribute $22.5 billion annually to the NSW economy.

A key priority for SHOROC is to grow local employment and containment, in particular to grow the local economy and key business sectors, promote the region and attract investment.

The SHOROC partner councils recognise the need to support local businesses and are geared towards helping create local jobs by supporting new and existing local businesses.

Councils have a role in supporting local employment through local and subregional planning and land zoning.

As a  region we also have a role in supporting economic development.

We have a focus on supporting local jobs for local residents to minimise the transport needed for people to get to and from work. Already around 78% of workers in the SHOROC region live and work locally, but more than half of working residents (52%) travel outside the region for work.

We are also seeking to attract and retain appropriate business and industry in the region to build on the competitive strength of existing industries retail, health, professional and scientific, manufacturing and wholesale trade as well as education and training.

SHOROC coordinates a regional economic development working party. Major priorities for the year ahead are listed below.  

Engage and work with regional business forums

  • Identify and deliver coordinated advocacy for infrastructure investment eg public transport, roads, NBN
  • Joint initiatives to support local employment and business on a regional level
  • Gain a greater understanding of business needs to input into council and regional planning
  • Build a regional framework for regional council/chambers collaboration, eg regional business forums
  • Increase communications with members

Collaborate on projects to increase local expenditure to support local employment and business

  • Visitor economy opportunities study, reviewing the current situation and opportunities to improve the contribution to the region ensuring consistency with council policies and services. The study will be conducted to identify strategies for the region and for councils such as delivery of coordinated campaigns and packages to increase/extend/target visitation and leverage of local and Sydney-wide events, development of a visitor economy strategy, and support for local businesses.
  • ‘Be Local Buy Local’ type marketing campaign for community, business and councils
  • Leveraging NSW Government and Commonwealth Government investment locally

Input into regional and major local planning

  • Considering and providing input into subregional planning and major precinct planning, infrastructure changes and employment generators across the region where appropriate
  • Industry sector location/cluster mapping and investment attraction
  • Identifying strategies to attract and retain local talent
  • Reviewing regional spending patterns and trends

Facilitate information sharing and collaboration

  • Regular meeting and networking to share information and collaborate where effective on local projects, strategies, workshops etc, as well as improve coordination to support efficiency of resources across councils
  • Building a common understanding of economic development and role of the chambers, councils and SHOROC
  • Identify best practice, key learnings and emerging issues from Australian and International economic development/employment generation and opportunities to implement locally
  • Identifying areas of common need to advocate with a united voice
  • Leveraging individual council collaboration with local chambers and networking groups

Collaborating with the NSW Business Chamber’s North East Sydney Regional Advisory Council

The NSW Business Chamber’s North East Sydney Regional Advisory Council (NESRAC) represents the interests and concerns of member businesses in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

NESRAC represents more than 850 businesses in the Sydney north region in a diverse range of industry sectors including the professional, building and construction industries. The NESRAC’s key priorities are:

  • Priority 1: Better access to local jobs for local people
  • Priority 2: Reducing traffic congestion in Sydney North
  • Priority 3: Attracting more businesses to the Sydney North region


SHOROC and NESRAC have collaborated in recent years in advocating for priority regional transport infrastructure upgrades to improve public transport provision and reduce traffic congestion.

Current areas of collaboration include:

  • Advocacy for infrastructure investment
  • Planning for the future
  • Initiatives to support local job creation
  • Working together to strengthen the interaction and collaboration between the NESRAC and SHOROC


Immediate priorities are to collaboratively advocate for the proposed Warringah Road Bus Rapid Transit and the Northern Beaches tunnel.