Warringah Rd upgrades video
Warringah Rd upgrades animated video

The NSW Government has announced it will move ahead with an east west road underpass and widening of the southern side of Warringah Road, from west of Forest Way to east of Wakehurst Parkway.

These upgrades are Stage 2 of the planned road upgrades to support the future Northern Beaches Hospital. The upgrades aim to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and increase capacity on the surrounding road network to support the planned opening of the hospital in 2018.

SHOROC has been advocating for major upgrades to Warringah Road and Wakehurst Parkway for many years as part of the Shaping Our Future campaign.  

Following community consultation in March and July this year, Roads and Maritime Services investigated several options to improve traffic flow along Warringah Road. These included providing an underpass with widening on the southern side of Warringah Road, an underpass with widening on the northern side of Warringah Road and tunnel options.

The RMS has now released:


The next step is that RMS will display for comment an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Stage 2 road upgrades, expected by mid-2015.

The community update also includes information on other projects underway, including Wakehurst parkway flood mitigation works, Mona Vale Road upgrades, and the Starkey St intersection improvements.

Watch the video here.