NSW Election candidates
The Manly Daily’s 2015 NSW Meet The Candidates Forum. Photo courtesy Manly Daily.



Responses from each of the parties have been summarised below under the following headings:

  • Transport: public transport & roads
  • Health & Hospitals
  • Local employment and containment
  • Regional environmental and recreational infrastructure
  • Stronger state and local partnerships for planning and services


Full responses received can be downloaded by clicking on the following links.

Public Transport: Bus Rapid Transit


  • Bus Rapid Transit Mona Vale to CBD and for Warringah Road Dee Why to Chatswood
  • Strongly encourage model shift to public transport and improve active transport


Where do the parties stand?

 Liberal Party  Labor Party  Greens
  • $233 million for Bus Rapid Transit service Mona Vale to CBD on a ‘turn up and go’ timetable to begin 2018
  • New commuter car parks (800 cars)
  • Five new public transport interchanges
  • High frequency bus services Manly to Chatswood via Frenchs Forest and Mona Vale to Macquarie Park every 15 min on weekends and every 10 min during peak
  • Firmly believes in providing enhanced public transport options as a means of reducing congestion, improving transport efficiency and lowering emissions
  • Generally supports Bus Rapid Transit however, comment that any BRT system needs to reflect specific issues of congestion along Military Road between the Spit and Neutral Bay
  • Support promoting a modal shift to faster and more reliable public transport
  • Support finalisation of Bus Rapid Transport system as it represents a significant public transport alternative for the Northern Beaches




Roads: Warringah, Mona Vale, Wakehurst Pkwy & Tunnel

ROADS: SHOROC’s priorities

  • Grade separations for Warringah Road intersections with Wakehurst Parkway and Forest Way
  • Northern Beaches tunnel under the Spit
  • Upgrades of Wakehurst Parkway and Mona Vale Road


Where do the parties stand?

 Liberal Party  Labor Party  Greens
  • $400 million for road upgrades around new Northern Beaches Hospital to be completed before hospital opens
  • $5 million for strategic and feasibility studies needed to deliver a Beaches Link, direct tunnel connection from north of the Spit Bridge to the Warringah Freeway corridor and Western harbour Tunnel
  • Four lane upgrade to Mona Vale Road and improvements to Wakehurst Parkway
  •  No comment







  • No specific comment. However related statement that plan to scrap toll road projects such as the Westconnex and redirect funds towards integrated, affordable and accessible public transport and active transport



Health & Hospitals


  • Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest open by 2018
  • Mona Vale Hospital upgraded
  • Manly Hospital retained for community services
  • Improved community health services


Where do the parties stand?

 Liberal Party  Labor Party  Greens
  • Will complete Level 5 Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest by the end of 2018
  • Ensure Mona Vale Hospital will remain responsive to current and future health care needs of community
  • Will ensure Manly Hospital site will be used for community services
  • Consolidated into three main locations: new Northern Centre at Mona Vale Hospital, New Southern Centre in Brookvale and enhance Child and Family services in new buildings at Dalwood





  • Supports the construction of a new Northern Beaches Hospital. Opposes plan to outsource the operation of this hospital to a private operator
  • No comment on Mona Vale Hospital
  • No comment on Manly Hospital
  • Will provide an additional $10 million over the next three years to fund gaps in the provision of domestic violence and other support services







  • Support the development of public hospital to be completed by 2018. However, believe an alternative site that is better located with respect to the population and transport options be identified
  • Support the redevelopment of the Mona Vale Hospital to provide the complete range of clinical and surgical services to the Northern Beaches community
  • The Manly Hospital site should be kept in public hands and used exclusively for public health purposes
  • Support increased investment in community based services including those focusing on mental health and domestic violence

Local employment and containment


  • Employment through tourism and visitation
  • Economic development planning
  • Funding for youth training and transition programs


Where do the parties stand?

 Liberal Party  Labor Party  Greens
  • Commit an extra $123 million (statewide) to lure more big ticket events to NSW, with the estimated tourism boost to increase visitor expenditure by $481 million







  • Support SHOROC’s initiatives









  • Support the development of a regional tourism and visitor strategy
  • Support regional strategic plan to grow the local economy and create jobs
  • Advocating for a well-funded, public higher education system that offers employment opportunists for young people on the Northern Beaches
  • Have announced a jobs and infrastructure plan providing capital grants to local councils to rebuild local economies in NSW

Regional environmental and recreational infrastructure


  • Funding support for regional resource recovery infrastructure
  • Funding for management of proposed Belrose Mountain Biking Facility


Where do the parties stand?

 Liberal Party  Labor Party  Greens
  • Will consult with the community and industry on design of a cost-effective container deposit scheme
  • Continue to offer infrastructure funding for local not-for-profit groups through Community Building Partnership and Clubs NSW funding programs
  • Continue to support Surf Life Saving in region through Surf Club Facilities Grants




  • Supports SHOROC’s initiatives








  • Policy supports waste avoidance, reuse and recycling in that order of priority.
  • Approaches such as extended producer responsibility including container deposit schemes should be legislated.
  • Support the establishment of municipal scale composting facilities such as Kimbriki
  • The reuse of facilities such as turning the Belrose landfill into a downhill mountain biking facility should be investigated

Stronger state and local partnerships for planning and services


  • Continue regional leaders’ forums
  • Establish inter-governmental forums for major regional issues
  • Appoint council delegates to NSW Government regional planning and coordination groups


Where do the parties stand?

 Liberal Party  Labor Party  Greens
  • Look forward to working with SHOROC on delivering these important visions for our community






  • Supports SHOROC’s initiatives
  • Also commented that are opposed to forced council amalgamations and commit there will be no forced amalgamations if elected





  • Support local councils having democratic involvement and decision making powers in planning and services for their area
  • Support strengthening the working partnership between the state government and local councils to ensure that strategic planning decisions incorporate input from local communities