The new waste collection system

The new waste collection system will be phased in for all households in Mosman, Manly, Warringah and Pittwater to increase our recycling and keep costs to ratepayers down.

This will coincide with the opening of the recycling facilities at Kimbriki and the permanent closure of the Belrose landfill station.

More information on how this new system is solving our region’s waste problem can be found here

The main changes are:

  • One mixed food and vegetation bin. The mixed food & vegetation will be converted into compost
  • A free kitchen tidy and cornstarch bags delivered to all homes to collect food waste before it is placed in the bin
  • One mixed recycling bin for paper and recyclable containers
  • A general waste bin

Options will be investigated for residents with special waste needs. These could include more frequent collections for those with nappies, varying bin sizes and support for the elderly or infirm.

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