Brisbane Busway site visit, image courtesy of Henry Wong


Encouraged by the NSW Treasurer and the Transport Minister, some SHOROC Board members took the opportunity today to personally see a Bus Rapid Transit system in operation in Brisbane as the NSW Government finalises its feasibility studies into a BRT for the Northern Beaches and Mosman.

Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah councils have all agreed that Bus Rapid Transit is the priority public transport infrastructure for the SHOROC region under the adopted regional strategy Shaping Our Future.

“It was important we saw for first-hand how a BRT operates in peak-hour so we can advocate strongly on behalf of the residents of the Northern Beaches and Mosman for the public transport infrastructure our region sorely needs”, said Manly Mayor and SHOROC President Jean Hay.

“The NSW Government will soon be releasing its report into BRT for the Northern Beaches and Mosman and it is critical the funding is allocated to designing and building BRT from Mona Vale to the city and Dee Why to Chatswood”.

SHOROC Board members spent the day in Brisbane meeting with Executives from the organisation that designed and built the Brisbane BRT system and travelling on the buses during the afternoon and morning peak.

The site-visit looked at station and network planning, integrating the BRT with hospitals and road systems, ticketing, timetabling and lessons learnt by the system designers as well as speaking to residents and commuters using the system.

“The Brisbane BRT is a fast and efficient system which can for example travel 17kms from the city in only 10 minutes, the equivalent of travelling from Wynyard to Dee Why,” said Mayor Hay.

“While the Brisbane system was in less built-up areas, there are many elements that could be built in our region to improve travel times and reliability for our residents”.

More information on the Northern Beaches proposed BRT system can be found on our Public Transport and Roads page.

Brisbane’s world class busway network has become an example of best practice for public transport all around the world.

Here are some photos from Brisbane of what a Bus Rapid Transit system looks like. Photos include: rapid transit stations; exclusive bus lanes; commuter experience; maps and branding of this highly efficient mode of public transport.