The State Government is proposing to slash the  Sydney Ferries services to Mosman Bay and Musgarve Street. Have your say by Wednesday 25 August or sign the online petition.

“I am extremely disappointed with the STA’s consultation process,” Councillor Connon said. “They simply refer residents to a website noting that the changes come into effect on 10 October, but giving residents only until 25 August to have their say.”

The Government proposed that off-peak (ie 9.20am – 4.15pm) services to Mosman on weekdays and Saturday will be cut from once every half hour to once every hour! The first service of the day, the 5.55am to Circular Quay, will be cancelled. Also, the last service to Mosman Bay on weeknights and Saturday nights will depart Circular Quay at 10.55pm – currently there is a 12.10am service.

All in all this amounts to a cut of 90 services per week!

These amendments are supposed to reflect current customer demand, but Mosman Mayor Anne Connon feels residents are being shortchanged and has encouraged them to make their feelings known by going to Have Your Say. Written submissions can be sent to: Sydney Ferries, Attention Samantha Hudson, PO Box R1799, Royal Exchange NSW 1225.

Councillor Connon said she had written to Sydney Ferries on behalf of the community and pointed out that we should be making every effort to get commuters out of their cars and onto public transport instead. Sydney Ferries have obviously missed that point!

“So, let them know if you are unhappy with this latest development,” Councillor Connon encouraged.

The camapign to prevent the slashing of ferry services was also reported in the Mosman Daily.

Mosman Daily 18 August 2010

THOUSANDS of signatures have been collected at Cremorne Point Wharf for a petition against planned ferry cuts.

As reported by the Mosman Daily last week, ferries from Neutral Bay and Mosman will be axed to service “overcrowded” areas along the Parramatta River. Off-peak ferry services to Mosman and Neutral Bay on weekdays and Saturdays will be slashed from every 30 minutes to once an hour, while peak-hour services will run every 20-25 minutes at Mosman and every 30 minutes at Neutral Bay.

According to Mosman Council, a total of 90 services would be cut from each week. Mosman Mayor Anne Connon said she was extremely disappointed with the consultation process. She said she had written to Sydney Ferries to remind bureaucrats they should be making every effort to get commuters out of their cars and onto public transport. “Sydney Ferries have obviously missed that point,” Cr Connon said.

The changes – announced by Transport Minister John Robertson on August 6 – are expected to come into effect on October 10, and residents have until Wednesday to make a submission. Cremorne Point Precinct members will be at Cremorne Point Wharf every morning until Sunday to collect signatures for the petition that will be sent to the State Government next week. Precinct member Ralph Evans said “thousands” of signatures were collected on the weekend.

Sign the petition online: Click here

“People are absolutely opposed to the changes,” he said. “Lots of people depend upon (the services). Cuts will disrupt a lot of people. Many are saying ‘what will we do now?’.”