The RTA has taken the first steps toward a long awaited upgrade to Mona Vale Road to help ease traffic congestion, accidents and commuter frustration on one of only three road accesses to the Northern Beaches.

Pittwater State MP Rob Stokes has advised that preliminary works for a proposal to widen a section of the road to four lanes between Mona Vale and Terry Hills has now begun with environmental works and surveying now taking place.

The first stage of works is expected to be completed mid-2011 and will be followed by 18 months of planning and design. Full construction will begin once the planning stage is complete.

Pittwater MP Rob Stokes said “work is now underway to examine the best ways to widen Mona Vale Road and improve congestion and road safety. Mona Vale Road has seen more than 400 serious accidents over the past 5 years and sees hideous congestion every day. I’m delighted it’s now receiving the attention it deserves”.

The SHOROC councils have recently called once again on the State Government to fix the region’s overcrowded roads. Shaping Our Future, the strategic vision for the region, outlines the area’s dire need for road improvements including upgrading Mona Vale Road to a dual-lane carriageway, as well as upgrading Wakehurst Parkway and the Warringah Road intersections with Wakehurst Parkway and Forrest Way.

Updated 20 September 2011:

  • Steve

    So we still have 3 to 5 years to wait for the solution.  But in the meantime, we will still be parked along Mona Vale Road  waiting for the congestion to ease.  Then after 2 or more years of roadworks, speed restrictions and even more accidents, the traffic will just expand to fill up the available space.  Zero net result at a cost of millions.

    The single lane road isn’t the problem.  The lack of decent public transport is. Put a Bus Lane in the ridiculously short bit of two lane road at Ingleside and from Kimbriki Rd to Macquarie Park, encourage a couple of express buses and watch the congestion disappear.

    It only takes a small percentage reduction in cars to massively reduce traffic jams – just look at the traffic improvement during school holidays.

    • SHOROC

      Thanks for your comment Stephen. We’ll pass it on to Mr Stokes and also the RTA.