Manly 2015

Manly Council is inviting the public to comment on its sweeping new ‘Manly2015’ master plan, Council’s strategic and sustainable master plan for the Manly central business district which aims to improve and renew Manly as a local town centre and international tourist destination.

‘Manly2015’ was launched publicly by the Mayor of Manly, Councillor Jean Hay, at a special presentation event in The Corso, Manly, at 10.00am on Friday, 29 April.

“Manly2015 aims to bring people back to the heart of Manly for their shopping, business and leisure pastimes by promoting safety through intelligent streetscape design; revitalising shops, services, restaurants, cafes and culture in the streets and laneways around The Corso,” said Councillor Hay.

“It envisages vastly improved public spaces and community facilities designed to harmonise with the natural environment and our built heritage, too.”

Manly2015 incorporates improvements to the public domain and streetscape as well as a reconfiguration of traffic – with the aim of renewing the Manly town centre for the coming decades with long-term infrastructure benefits for the local environment, economy and community.

A concept drawing for the Manly2015 project, looking towards where the Manly Library building currently stands.

“A public consultation and exhibition process for the ‘Manly2015’ will run until the middle of September 2011,” said Councillor Hay.

Concept plans are available for public inspection at Manly Council’s customer Service Centre in Belgrave Street, at Manly Library, Seaforth Library as well as at the Manly Skiff Club, East Esplanade.

A special website showing concept drawings and other features of the ‘Manly2015’ is available at

There are a number of ways in which the public can make a submission about ‘Manly2015’ including:

“Manly2015 is about your community. I am looking forward to hearing what you think about it,” said Councillor Hay.

“We are asking the community to imagine a Manly that revitalises our laneways and streets surrounding The Corso; is pedestrian and bicycle friendly; incorporates sustainable, energy efficient buildings and streetscape design; makes shopping and socialising more  enjoyable for locals and visitors and is laid out so cars don’t rule the environment – yet parking is easy!”

“A major objective of Manly2015 is to enhance the character and heritage of Manly by creating a sense of the Ocean Beach Promenade merging seamlessly with Manly’s built form and heritage, and encourages an atmosphere where business and the local community aspirations thrive harmoniously together.”

The ‘Manly2015’ Masterplan is made up of seven key elements:

  1. Gateway Plaza (current intersection of Sydney Road and Belgrave Street): A space which will welcome locals and visitors parking in a new 800 place car park under Manly Oval and emerging via an underground entrance / exit point into the Plaza.
  2. Grand Boulevard (Belgrave Street): Extending landscaping elements along Belgrave Street and promoting sustainable transport options within this key arterial road of Manly CBD. Envisaged are a cycleway, additional landscaping and the reinstatement of an electric tram supporting ‘Park n’ Ride’ services in and around Manly and beyond.
  3. Village Centre (Market Place / Manly Library and Whistler Street): Redevelopment of a new larger, state of the art Library and multipurpose community space. Commercial components within the development are also incorporated.
  4. North Quarter (incorporating Raglan Street, Central Avenue, Short Street and Henrietta Lane): Radically  improved urban design and incentivising private public  partnerships to reactivate business along Short Street, Central Avenue and Henrietta Lane.
  5. High Street (Sydney Road): Manly2015 aims to transform Sydney Road at Manly CBD into a new ‘High Street’ featuring retail establishments which provide services aimed more at locals.
  6. Beach Terrace (Ocean end of The Corso): Traffic will be controlled and opportunities created for good quality outdoor dining, community events and festivals and for licensed retail activities. A Shared Zone will be  introduced at North and South Steyne between Raglan and Wentworth Streets.
  7. Manly Oval (Incorporating a new underground car park): A central component of Manly2015 is a new, purpose built 800 Place Car Park under Manly Oval.

A full colour booklet outlining the main features of Manly2015 is available at Manly Council offices; on request by telephone at (02) 9976 1500 and by email to

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