Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises (KEE) is set to transform waste management in our region as it introduces advanced waste treatment technologies at its Terrey Hills site.

The new facilities will be able to recover valuable metals, plastics and paper from kerbside recyclables and make compost products, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. The plan involves introducing three new processes to supplement the existing operations, these operations will be fully enclosed and housed within two new buildings on site at Kimbriki.

An Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared and is being exhibited by NSW Department of Planning starting on the 23rd of February. The EA will include a detailed description of the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Project, which includes two purpose-built facilities: a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) for sorting kerbside recyclables, and an Alternative Waste Technology (AWT) facility for sorting and treating mixed municipal wastes.

The shareholders of Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd. are the SHOROC councils of Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah, who are all behind the new plans.

“Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah councils currently send their domestic waste to Belrose landfill, which is due to close within the next three years. The new facilities here will provide a locally sustainable solution for managing household wastes once Belrose closes. This will avoid the social, financial and environmental costs associated with transporting this waste to distant landfills as well as increasing the amount of resource recovery from these waste streams.” Mr Hudson CEO of Kimbriki said.

The state-of-the-art technology will boost Kimbriki’s ability not only to recycle, but to also turn some domestic waste into usable, environmentally friendly products.

Kimbriki is extending an offer to the public to attend a Community Briefing session at the Kimbriki EcoHouse on Saturday the 5th of March starting at 12 noon. There will be a briefing between 1pm and 2pm; the remainder of the time is available for informal conversations.

Interested community members are welcome to visit the Kimbriki website to learn more about the plans and also lodge any comments via the feedback form provided,” added Mr Hudson.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Project can be viewed here.

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