Kimbriki was originally established as a landfill in 1974 (formally known as Kimbriki Tip). In 2009, a new company, Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd (KEE), was created to own and operate the Kimbriki site with Warringah, Manly, Mosman and Pittwater Councils, as shareholders. The business is now directed by an independent non-executive Board of Directors and an experienced management team appointed by the SHOROC councils.

The Community and the four SHOROC councils have direct input to Kimbriki’s activities through a Sub Committee. Formed under the auspices of SHOROC, the Kimbriki Community Sub Committee consists of eight members, four being Councillors and four community representatives from each of the member councils. The current membership can be viewed here.

Kimbriki is leading the way in waste management

Today, KEE aims to be a leader in waste management education and practice, through the use of innovative technologies and management systems that maximise resource recovery. KEE’s focus is to divert waste from landfill in line with State Government waste targets and SHOROC waste management objectives.

In 2009, the SHOROC councils banned the kerbside collection and disposal of e-waste – or electronic waste – to landfill and SHOROC led a ban on e-waste campaign to raise awareness of  e-waste collection and recycling programs from local councils and waste management centres. More than 90 per cent of e-waste material is now being recycled. Kimbriki Resource Recovery is proud to divert almost 70% of the waste they receive. You can support Kimbriki and our environment by reducing the amount of waste you generate and recycling materials where possible.

Kimbriki is Set to Transform it’s Waste Management Facilities in Our Region

Over the coming years Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises (KEE) is set to transform it’s waste management facilities in our region as it introduces advanced waste treatment technologies at its Terrey Hills site. These new facilities will be able to turn food and vegetation waste into compost which can then be sold, as well as enable processing of dry recyclables (paper, plastics, glass) on site. KEE has conducted significant analysis and planning for the project which is currently awaiting approval from the Department of Planning to proceed.

Find out more about how the SHOROC region is leading the way towards dramatically reducing the amount of waste going to landfill by downloading the Kimbriki Brochure ‘ A Local Waste Solution for Local Waste’ .

Kimbriki EcoHouse and Garden

Deep within the bustling Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre is a hidden oasis – the Kimbriki Eco House and Garden. Recent renovations have rejuvenated Kimbriki’s long established Eco Garden and a new Eco House has been constructed primarily from waste once destined for Kimbriki’s landfill. The Eco House and Garden is a place to learn how to apply organic gardening and sustainable living ideas into your everyday life. The Eco House and Garden provides unique and inspirational sustainability education programs for adults, children, schools and groups. The Eco House is also available for hire, providing a unique venue for events and meetings.

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