SHOROC has developed an interactive map of historic place names across the region. Residents are invited to send in names of more iconic places to their local council to add to the register.

The purpose of the the map is to give an interesting insight into the local stories, people and places of the past, capturing the lost names of familiar local sites in the Pittwater, Mosman, Manly and Warringah council areas.

The map is below and features icons to show where the sites are located. Click on the icons to find out more about the historic place.

View SHOROC Map of Historic Places in a larger map

When launching the map, Cr Harvey Rose, Mayor of Pittwater and SHOROC President said “By using Google Maps, we have created an official map that pinpoints places, geographical landmarks, sites and buildings in the SHOROC region that currently or historically have well-known ‘nicknames’ given to them by resident. It encourages people to find out more about the region and its history”.

All of the place names on the map have been sent in by local residents keen to share their historic place name and the story behind it.

Residents are invited to submit historic place names and the stories behind them to their local council and SHOROC. Please email the council in which the iconic place is located, either:

Manly Council
Mosman Council
Pittwater Council
Warringah Council

Submissions must include the historic place name (within the SHOROC region) and the story behind it. SHOROC will administer the map by adding entries that are deemed relevant to the wider community.

5 reasons to submit your ‘historic place names’

1. To help to preserve the region’s places of historical significance.
2. To learn more about you and your family’s history in the region.
3. To share historic place names with your friends and family.
4. To research the history of your local area and find links to interesting sites.
5. To list your favorite historical place names and preserve them for generations to come.

A great example of a local iconic place is ‘The Blinking Light’ pictured below. Do you know where this site is? Check the map for more information.

The 'blinking light'