Artist impression of new Northern Beaches Hospital

Final planning approval has been granted for construction of the new Northern Beaches Hospital paving the way for main construction to begin on the hospital, which will open in 2018.

The NSW Government has partnered with Healthscope, which will design, build, operate and maintain the 488-bed Northern Beaches Hospital. Under a long-term contract, the NSW Government will provide funding to Healthscope to deliver free care to public patients.

The nine-storey Northern Beaches Hospital will include 488 beds, 1,400 car spaces, a helipad, a 50-space emergency department, 14 operating theatres and six surgical suites, advanced intensive care and critical care units and a modern inpatient mental health facility.

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Healthscope Project Director Deborah Latta said: “The people of the Northern Beaches will no longer have to travel out of the area for specialised health care. Whether a public or private patient, they will receive an exceptional standard of care much closer to home.”

The new hospital will deliver state-of-the-art health services and employment.

In addition, Roads and Maritime Services is planning major road upgrades surrounding the new hospital in two stages on key travel routes including Warringah Road, Forest Way and Wakehurst Parkway.

Stage one work, which will provide direct access to the new hospital, has been approved. Stage two work will increase road capacity on the supporting network, reduce congestion and improve traffic flow.

For further information about the hospital, go to northernbeacheshospital.com.au.