Note this propsoal was posted December 2010 and has been superceded by work to develop a structure plan for Frenchs Forest led by Warringah Council.


The  NSW Department of Planning is seeking input from the public on its proposal “to rezone an area of Frenchs Forest to support the emergence of a specialised centre focused on the Northern Beaches Hospital and to accommodate expected growth in the region.”

As part of the proposal, the Department has published a State Significant Site Study which outlines the overall nature and form of the propsoed new centre.

The public can view and make submissions on the plans for Frenchs Forest until February 7, 2011. The proposal can be viewed at Warringah Council chambers, Forestville library, Warringah Mall library, NSW Department of Planning Information Centre at 23-33 Bridge St, Sydney, and online at the Department of Planning website.

According to the proposal, the Frenchs Forest precinct would cover about 2.5km – from Ellis Rd and Warringah Rd (Beacon Hill) in the east to Forestway shopping centre in the west, and could provide up to 17,000 new jobs, 1300 homes, plus substantial additional retail areas.

The site, which now includes a business park and low-density housing, would be overhauled to cater for the proposal. To handle extra traffic, Warringah Rd would be treated as an urban street, which would be achieved through grade separation of Forest Way and Wakehurst Parkway intersections. But the ultimate vision is to direct regional thoroughfare traffic into a tunnel under Warringah Rd, allowing the street to become an east-west pedestrian, cycle and vehicular connection to the centre.

Download the NSW Government planning documents by visiting the NSW Department of Planning website.

Immediate construction of the Northern Beaches Hospital is a key element of SHOROC’s Shaping Our Future strategy.