In 2009, SHOROC coordinated an award winning project to collect and dispose of e-waste through recyclers which meant the SHOROC councils no longer collect e-waste – or electronic waste – from the kerbside or dispose of it in landfill.

This ban and lobbying by SHOROC led to the Federal Minister for the Environment announcing the introduction of a nationwide e-waste recycling scheme in 2011 and the introduction of legislation for extended producer responsibility (EPR) to make manufacturers responsible for the recycling and safe disposal of e-waste.


What can I do with my e-waste?
Televisions, computer monitors, personal and portable computers, printers, scanners and other computer parts, cords and cables are accepted at Kimbriki for recycling from any householder or small business operator, in a car, ute or trailer, up to 15 items free.

Items must be placed in the designated ‘television and computer recycling’ area and customers must unload their own waste.

Go to Kimbriki for more e-waste disposal information.


Find out more on e-waste and regional waste management

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