Wondering what Manly2015 and Dee Why Town Centre might look like in the future? Watch Manly and Warringah’s videos outlining Masterplans for each area.


Manly Council has launched an animated 3D flyover video at its recent community information sessions to visually present the key components of the Manly2015 Masterplan.

Manly2015 is the result of more than five years of urban design thinking, traffic and financial modelling.

Mayor of Manly Jean Hay AM says The Corso is a thriving tourist strip serving the millions of visitors, but local people more typically gravitate to spaces beyond The Corso.

“The key concept at the core of the Manly2015 Masterplan is to improve and create new spaces for Manly locals. Each component of the Masterplan is integral in making a diverse Manly for the future,” said Mayor Jean Hay AM.

With a vision to revitalise the public domain and key infrastructure within the Manly CBD, the Masterplan was partly developed by architects CHROFI.

It includes the creation of a village centre for Manly based around a new library in Market Place, acting as an area for locals to congregate.

The Masterplan aims to improve, renew and capitalise on Manly as a local town centre and international destination as well as creating spaces and facilities for use by the local community. 

Manly2015 provides strategies to help rebuild a village atmosphere across the entire town centre beyond The Corso and reinforce Manly as a people friendly, community minded village centre.

More information manly2015.com


Draft Masterplan Dee Why Town Centre

Warringah Council’s Draft Masterplan for Dee Why Town Centre has won the Urban Development Institute of Australia “Government Leadership for Urban Design” award for its balance between commercial and residential spaces and extensive community engagement.

The Draft Masterplan integrates civic, commercial and residential activities and aims to deliver Dee Why as a highly liveable town centre and focus for civic and cultural activities.

Renowned urban planners, PLACE Design Group created the design options with the help of a Dee Why Working Party made up of local business people and community leaders and has described the Masterplan as an “innovative, cohesive and sustainable vision for Dee Why”.

“This draft plan provides a blueprint for the Dee Why of the future – an attractive, liveable and thriving centre by the sea,” said Warringah Mayor Michael Regan.

“Warringah Council is going to breathe life into the area and create new community and green spaces, plazas, better roads and more parking. Dee Why will be the place of choice for anyone who wants to live, work and play on the northern beaches. We’re confident this Draft Masterplan will set the scene for greater investment in Dee Why – creating growth and jobs,” he added.

The Draft Masterplan, the result of consultation during 2012 with community organisations, businesses and landowners, includes a ‘Community Hub’ on the current Civic Centre site. It incorporates the current Council and Dee Why Library buildings, as well as police and community facilities, an outdoor plaza and amphitheatre.

Go to Warringah Council for more information.