Manly Council and the SHOROC partnership of councils have been recognised at the Local Government Excellence in the Environment Awards, an initiative of the the NSW Local Government and Shires Asssociations.

These annual awards were initiated by the Associations in 1998, are open to all councils in NSW and aim to recognise outstanding achievements by NSW Local Government in managing and protecting the environment. The 2009-2010 Awards were presented at a showcase/awards function at Taronga Park Zoo, on the morning of 30 November 2010.

Manly Council: Filtered Water Bubbler Project

Winner Division B & Joint Overall Winner – Waste Avoidance Award

Manly Council is the first council in Australia to install free filtered-water bubblers for use by the public. In 2008, 6 filtered-water fountains were installed along The Corso, a popular tourist destination that receives over 6 million visitors annually. Since then, nine more bubblers have been installed along Manly Beach and three more will be installed in key areas by December 2010. The aim of the project is to reduce the number of plastic water bottles being purchased and disposed of in Manly.  The bubblers are metered and it is estimated that by December 2010 (when 18 bubblers are installed) enough filtered-water will be dispensed to fill close to two million 600L bottles every year. Manly Council continues to receive numerous enquiries from local governments across Australia and overseas who have shown interest in implementing similar projects.

Cr Aird and Ed McPeake receiving the award on behalf of Manly Council

Manly Council and Manly Environment Centre A Day at the Bay: An Earth Day Celebration

Winner Division B - Communication, Education and Empowerment Award

The Manly Environment Centre organised the event “A Day at the Bay: An Earth Day Celebration” (April 24, 2010) to engage the local community in the protection of the No-Take Aquatic Reserve “Cabbage Tree Bay” at Shelly Beach, Manly. One specific objective was to inform the public about DECCW’s recently released draft of the “Cabbage Tree Bay Management Plan” and give them an opportunity to make a submission, while at the same time showcasing the Bay’s unique biodiversity. A number of different activities were offered to attract visitors, including guided walks, snorkelling tours, a children’s art banner project and colourful interpretive panels on the Bay’s flora and fauna. Government and non-for-profit environmental groups participated and contributed to informing the public about Sydney’s only No-Take Reserve. A group of “Friends” displayed and explained the management plan and invited people to make submissions. Over 1,000 people attended the event, among them many families, and over 200 individual submissions were made.

Shore Regional Organisation of Councils: SHOROC E-Waste Ban and Campaign

Highly Commended Division C – Waste Avoidance Award

During 2009 the four SHOROC councils Mosman, Manly, Warringah and Pittwater developed a campaign to ban e-waste from landfill and to ban the collection of e-waste from general roadside collections.  Unanimously supported by the SHOROC Board and in partnership with councils owned landfill facility Kimbriki, it is estimated that 400 tonnes of e-waste will be diverted from landfill each year within our region.  The initiative saw successful lobbying for federal change in recognition of the growing environmental concerns of the disposal of e- waste and the emphasis for extended producer responsibility.

Cr Jean Hay Mayor of Manly and SHOROC Vice-President receiving the award on behalf of SHOROC

Congratulations to Manly Council, the SHOROC partnership of councils and the individual staff who were commended for their efforts.

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