Efficiency of cycling and bus transport highlighted by comparison of space occupied by three modes of transport

As cities experience increasing traffic congestion, it is essential to think smartly about how road space is used. Cycling and public transport offer greater space efficiency than cars and the extent to which they can reduce traffic congestion is demonstrated in the featured image.

The image shows the typical space occupied in a city street by three common modes of transport—cars, bicycles and a bus. The project used 69 people (the capacity of a standard bus) and 60 cars (the average number occupied by 69 people) and clearly illustrates the advantages of bus and bicycle travel.

Spokesperson for the Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF), Mr Stephen Hodge notes “In the space it takes to accommodate 60 cars, cities can accommodate around sixteen buses or more than 600 bikes.”

“Eight out of ten Australian adults still use a private motor vehicle to travel to work or full-time study, just 14% take public transport, 4% walk and a mere 2% cycle, with 30% of these trips in the cities under 3km” Mr Hodge said

Efficient and convenient transport options can bring significant health, environmental and economic benefits.

“If Australians continue on this path it is estimated that productivity loss due to avoidable congestion—the economic loss due to the amount of time wasted in traffic—will be $20 billion by 2020.”

The SHOROC councils recognise traffic congestion as one of the region’s key issues and have long been advocating for improvements in their transport campaign. Significant progress was made this year with the Northern Beaches Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) study finding that a BRT is feasible for the region.

There is little doubt that more people would switch from private car to bus if a reliable, fast public transport system was in place.  The featured image makes it easy to envision the dramatic reduction in traffic congestion possible if cycling and public transport use increased in inverse proportion to private car use.

SHOROC continues to be a united voice for the region and seek commitment from the NSW Government to move to detailed planning and commitment of funds for the BRT, together with other transport improvements and road upgrades.

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Image source: Cycling Promotion www.cyclingpromotion.com.au