A Dee Why to Chatswood Bus Rapid Transit route would ease congestion and support local business


Business and councils are calling on government to commit to including a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route from Dee Why to Chatswood in the Northern Beaches Transport Plan to reduce congestion and create local jobs.

The SHOROC region contributes $21 billion to the NSW economy and it has one of the highest job containment rates in the state, however this percentage of local jobs filled by locals is dropping. Congestion is hurting local businesses, meaning loss of local jobs and putting pressure on future job creation.

SHOROC President and Mayor of Mosman, Peter Abelson says local jobs are important as transport in and out of the region is so poor “The vital transport links that businesses need to get people and products in and out are beyond capacity, affecting businesses’ bottom line and ability to retain staff.”

SHOROC supports the NSW Government’s Northern Beaches Transport Action Plan, which includes $633 million for a Mona Vale to the city Bus Rapid Transit, Warringah Road upgrades and feasibility studies for a Northern Beaches tunnel.

“The missing pieces of the Northern Beaches Transport Plan that are key to addressing this congestion are a Warringah Road Bus Rapid Transit route and progressing the tunnel linking the region with the CBD.”

Members of the NSW Business Chamber in the Sydney North region are also calling for a Warringah Road Bus Rapid Transit route that will allow them to get on with growing their businesses.

“A BRT between Dee Why and Chatswood is urgently needed to meet the transport needs of residents and workers.” Wendy Finianos, President Warringah Chamber of Commerce.

Faced with having to spend hours every day trying to navigate congested traffic, prospective employees simply opt to seek work elsewhere. A BRT system from Chatswood to Dee Why should make a huge difference.” Anthony Bell, CEO – Harrison Manufacturing.  

“I own a bookkeeping business in Brookvale. The lack of a BRT system is impeding growth of the business.” Debra Fraser Back Of House.

“I welcome a BRT, that will save me having to get into a car for every commitment in the Northern Beaches and jump on a bus, so that I can work productively and save this beautiful part of Sydney from more congestion.” Simon Harrop President Regional Advisory Council Sydney North East, NSW Business Chamber.

“Public transport from Chatswood station is unpredictable and slow… Our business would benefit greatly from a BRT system connecting Chatswood and Dee Why.” Joel Montgomery Affiniti Marketing.

“It’s unacceptable that a peak hour trip for 15km from Dee Why to Chatswood takes over an hour. This is a major transport corridor and an efficient public transport alternative to the car does not exist,” Cr Abelson said.

Led by the Mayors of Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah, SHOROC is a partnership of councils that advocates and plans for the Northern Beaches and North Shore.

Cr Abelson explained top priority is fixing transport and traffic congestion.

“SHOROC has developed a regional transport plan and is fully supportive of the NSW Government’s $633 million Northern Beaches Transport Action Plan of road and public transport upgrades announced. Now we want to see that plan put into action.

In the coming term of government our transport priorities are to see:

  • A fast and reliable Bus Rapid Transit system fully operational from Mona Vale to the city as well as from Dee Why to Chatswood.
  • Warringah Road traffic freed up with $400 million in road works including major underpasses removing the Wakehurst Parkway and Forest Way chokepoints.
  • Planning progress and funding allocated for a tunnel to link the northern beaches with the Warringah Freeway and bypass the Spit Bridge bottleneck in the next 10 years
  • Works to upgrade Mona Vale Road to a dual-lane carriageway and to upgrade Wakehurst Parkway
  • Priority investment in active transport infrastructure to encourage walking and cycling.”


“Having efficient and sustainable public transport system would transform the lives of the 280,000 residents of the region and be a boon for business.

“We call on all candidates for the upcoming NSW Election to commit to delivering this package of transport improvements in the coming term,” Cr Abelson said.

SHOROC’s 2015 NSW Election Priorities policy details the major regional issues and solutions for NSW Government infrastructure and services for the 2015-19 term of government including public transport and roads; hospitals and health services; local employment and containment; funding for regional, environmental and recreational infrastructure; and strengthening the partnership for planning and services between SHOROC and NSW Government. More information at shoroc.com/nsw-election.

  • Ben

    It really is a pivotal time for the commercial future of Dee Why, everybody can see that transport into and out of the Northern Beaches is holding the region back so blatantly. My family love living here but we are really debating whether we can continue to deal with the commute to go pretty much anywhere.

  • Julia

    I am exploring options about moving to the Northern Beaches to be with my partner, but the lack of public transport is the biggest issue against me making the move.