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Changes have been announced by the NSW Government to the bus services in the CBD as part of its plans to improve public transport and road congestion, with SHOROC Mayors seeking to ensure quick and convenient connections for travellers to get across the CBD.

The Minister for Transport has announced the route design of the new bus network that will operate from October 4, to combat long-term bus congestion in the CBD and prepare for construction of Sydney’s new light rail line.

For travel to and from the northern beaches and Mosman, this means all buses will now start and terminate at Wynyard, including routes L88 and L90, E86-89, 178-180 and 244-247.

“The State Government is planning large changes for our public transport system including the planned Northern Beaches Bus Rapid Transit. These should provide significant improvements in travel around the city”, said SHOROC President and Mayor of Mosman Cr Peter Abelson.

“We understand there is a need to manage CBD congestion with the construction planned to provide a better transport system for the long term.”

“Some residents will need to adjust their travel arrangements and during this time it’s important to keep a focus on the future benefits we’ll all get from current construction.”

“We would also like to see that these CBD bus changes include quick and convenient connections for northern beaches and Mosman travellers across the CBD.”

“We will continue to work with the NSW Government to deliver better transport for our region.”

Getting the Northern Beaches BRT operational as fast as possible and better bus services from Dee Why to Chatswood must be a priority to provide that fast and more reliable public transport service our region needs.

The Minister for Transport has also announced he has commissioned a review of public transport fares, including the ease of changing between buses and trains, asking the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal to review integrated fares for Sydney.

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