Collaboration begins with sharing ideas and identifying opportunities for better ways of doing business.

The SHOROC councils have a strong history of working together across a wide range of portfolios and SHOROC provides support for cross-council groups of professional officers such as:

  • Urban Planners Group
  • Strategic Directions Group
  • Shared Services Project Liaison Group
  • Community services managers
  • Procurement Working Group
  • Local economy, business and tourism
  • Waste management
  • Waste communications
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Water cycle management
  • HR and workforce planning

Various ways collaboration can improve productivity or achieve better outcomes include:

Comparing and benchmarking processes enable councils to leverage the greater experience of the group. For example, a SHOROC working group discussed the way contracted civil works are managed which led to some councils changing the way projects are scheduled and will lead to significant savings through reduced contract penalties.

Standardisation can also lead to improved productivity for both councils and contractors. Potential long-term efficiencies include the reduction in spare parts and the reduced complexity for contractors. A focus in 2013 has been in information management, specifically the procurement of a common data system for environmental sustainability – reporting on energy consumption, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Turning great ideas into great outcomes…

Collaborative projects and arrangements can minimise duplication and improve use of assets. This can range from short-term projects to standing arrangements to better deliver services for our communities.

Joint procurement creates value for our councils and communities. The SHOROC partnership built upon its past successes and currently purchases $18.8M of goods and services through joint arrangements which represents ~20% of the combined materials and contracts spend. More about Joint Procurement.

Joint projects can improve outcomes for our councils and communities as demonstrated by the SHOROC Water Cycle Management Working Group, Regional Code of Conduct Review Panel and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Working Group. More about Joint Projects.

SHOROC has a history of collaboration which includes investment in shared service organisations.

In 2009, the SHOROC councils created Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd to centrally manage their waste disposal and resource recovery operations. This has led to further opportunities for the SHOROC councils to collaborate on other waste management functions and the councils have agreed to investigate alternative business models including a centralised waste management unit for community waste avoidance and reduction projects and municipal waste collection operations. See regional waste solution for more details.

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