The trial closure of the Pearl Bay Avenue turn-off in morning peak hour has shown the NSW Government needs to act now and implement the SHOROC transport policy as an urgent priority.

“Any changes to the Pittwater/Spit/Military Road corridor are a contentious issue for residents and highlights just how bad it has become for car and bus commuters,” said SHOROC President Michael Regan.

Transport for NSW rates the Pittwater/Spit/Military road corridor as the most congested in Sydney.

While the trial closure is a decision for the NSW Government, resident concerns have led to Warringah and Manly councils withdrawing support for the trial and Mosman Council expressing its strong objections to any suggestion that the trial be cancelled without proper collection and consideration of the necessary technical data on volume and speed tests.

“SHOROC has proposed an integrated package of measures to fix the transport issues of the Northern Beaches and Mosman, including priorities for the short, medium and long term.  This cannot wait, it is vital we implement the SHOROC transport policy and get works underway immediately,”  said Mayor Regan.

SHOROC’s transport proposal is available here.

  • Chris Larsen

    I dont think you need to be a rocket scientist to work out the impact that closure is having. In saying that I havent seen any evidence of data being collected since its been closed.